Hello and welcome on my blog. My name is Jos and I have been working with SQL Server since 2008, starting as a database marketeer and continuing on to do database development ever since.

I have worked on a lot of databases since I started in this business: from a simple two-table line of business application to terabyte data warehouses. I have built data warehouses using the Kimball approach, which I like very much because of its simplicity and performance, and I also helped companies and colleagues solving performance issues with their databases. I also have working experience with Dan Linstedt’s Data Vault method, but I remain a sceptic as of this day about its usefulness.

I intend this blog as a notepad for myself, where I can return to see how I fixed a particular issue, as well as a place to dump my general SQL musings. While doing so I might invoke the help of the C# programming language to provide you with a tool to duplicate my findings.

Besides the SQL bit I like doing sports – running, fitness, cycling, wall climbing -, playing my guitar and annoying my neighbours by singing along with that. (Sorry neighbours).

I hope you will find something in my blog that you can use and if you can – or if you don’t – send me a message or leave a comment and I will see if I can help you out with what you are working on.

Kind Regards,


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