Revisiting an old hobby

Back in the year 2004, when my face had no crowfeet and I had no real job yet (I was working a supermarket job with no real responsibilities except showing up on time) me and my friends were in a band and we won some studio time in a local band contest.

We went to the studio, which was in the backyard of the studio owner’s mother (please don’t write any comments on this ;)) and we recorded some songs.

The recording sounded pretty good and it landed us some gigs, but when we left the studio, I asked the technician if I could have all the raw tracks we recorded, so in the future, I could experiment a bit with these.

So I went and experimented, but it did not really sound like what I was thinking it should sound like. So I abandoned this hobby and went on with life..

Fast forward 15 years. It is now 2019 and after visiting an old friend from that era who is still going with his band and his music I decided to take a go at it again; maybe I could make something better out of these old raw studio tracks I have kept all these years.

I tried out several free audio editing programs as I did not want to lose a lot of money on a hobby which I wasn’t sure I would continue liking, and I found Cakewalk to be my software of choice. Audacity can do the mixing and it is freeware, but I found it lacking in its ability to layer sounds/effects, and going back to previous mix versions. Cakewalk has all that in its free version.

Cakewalk main window
Cakewalk main window

I will be exploring this tool for the times ahead. For now, if you would like to hear what we have made in the past, you can visit the old website at