Mattress ball

While working on today’s post I came across a picture I could not withold from you, namely, the legendary Dutch sport of Mattress Ball.

While some sports can be very expensive in terms of equipment, this one certainly is not. All that is needed is/are:

  • An old mattress
  • A sizable length of duct tape, available at your nearest hardware store
  • A friend who does not suffer from motion sickness
  • A friend who loves to give a helping hand
  • A slope. In our case, it was the side of a dyke


  1. Fold the mattress across its length and tape the ends together with the duct tape, such that a fairly round shape is made
  2. Insert the friend into the cavity that now exists in the mattress. When you do not have a friend at hand who is dumb enough, insert yourself into the cavity.
  3. Ask your remaining friend(s) to give you a push down the slope

There you have it. You can now join the league of mattress ballers all around the globe. If there are any. I wouldn’t know, but it sure is fun!